The United States MD network: reveal the secret of penis

The United States MD network: reveal the secret of penis For the man, the male penis is the most familiar organ. According to the "MD network" website reported on March 5th, the following 3 items is the unknown facts for men.

The penis has its own idea. Many men have noticed, his penis will had a reaction to erection when you even don’t want to this. The study found, compared with other body parts such as limbs, the control of the penis is limited, because it is not always at the disposal of the nervous system, but also by the autonomic nervous system, which is also known as the autonomic nervous system of leadership, which is also responsible for the regulation of heart rate and blood pressure. Many sexual arousal of the autonomic nervous system impact.

The penis can turn to smaller when you cannot believe. The American Urological scientist Dr. Montag pointed out that exposure to cold water or air will make the penis shrink, the psychological pressure can make it low-spirited. These are dominated by the autonomic nervous system, so the penis can be viewed as a barometer of the autonomic nervous system.

"It is very low-key". The penis from the normal state to full erection, the size of the change is different. A study of 80 men found that the penis change range from 0.6 cm to 8.9 cm range. Kinsey experts studied more than 1000 men also found that, 12% people after erection, the penis increases to 1/3, 7% of people doubled. The normal state of seemingly short penis erection may be the two times than the original "big man".

It will be broken. Although there is no bones in the penis, but it may still be broken, and then become bruising and great pain. This situation occurs mainly in young people. The typical case is the man act hit partner’s pubic. To avoid this, don’t be too rude in sex. If a woman is not the female superior, violent action.

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