The truth of white hair is not aging, but the lack of the body of the body

Now white hair is a very common phenomenon, from the beginning of the teenage years, then in the end what is the reason for the white hair it? Now let’s go through this article.

Genetic or disease factors

The appearance of white hair has a certain relationship with genetic. Not to the elderly appeared gray hair or white hair person, often have a family history for autosomal dominant inheritance, but also seen in some syndromes (such as progeria syndrome, comprehensive myotonic dystrophy etc.). In addition, suffering from some of the more serious diseases, such as pernicious anemia, hyperthyroidism, cardiovascular disease, tuberculosis, typhoid fever, syphilis, etc. may also appear white hair.

The truth of white hair is not aging, but the lack of the body of the body

For these people, you can improve the white hair by sticking to the scalp massage. The specific method is: every day before you go to bed and wake up in the morning, with ten finger into hair, from the forehead to the back of the head massage scalp, every 2~4 minutes. Can improve scalp nutrition, regulate sebum secretion, promote blood circulation of the scalp, enhance local metabolism.

Lack of copper and iron and other trace elements

Research shows that the lack of protein and high degree of malnutrition is one of the reasons for early white hair, especially the lack of trace elements in the diet, copper, cobalt, iron, etc. can also lead to white hair. In recent years, scientists found that the hair pigment particles contain a mixture of copper and iron, when the amount of nickel in the hair increase, it will become a gray white. Therefore, trace elements have a close relationship with the color of the hair.

In order to prevent the appearance of white hair, in the diet should pay more attention to the food intake of iron and copper. The number of iron containing foods are animal liver, eggs, black fungus, kelp, soybeans, sesame etc.; copper and more food animal liver, kidney, shrimps and crabs, nuts, dried apricots.

Medical research found that lack of vitamin Bl, vitamin B2, vitamin B6 is also an important cause of the appearance of white hair. Should eat foods rich in B vitamins, such as cereals, beans, animal liver and kidney, milk, eggs and green leafy vegetables.

Work or life stress

Modern people work and life pressure are more and more, easy to surf mental stress, emotional depression, long-term lack of sleep and think over and so on, leading to liver and kidney deficiency, blood deficiency, resulting in early white hair.

So, you need to learn their own relief, every day to face life with optimism, through deep breathing, walking, doing sports relaxation exercises simply to eliminate mental fatigue; after work every day with warm feet, also has obvious effect on reducing.

In addition, to keep the balanced nutrition, eat spicy, greasy, fried food; avoid excessive intake of sugar, oil, salt, etc..

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