The top 5 factors most likely to affect male and female sexual ability

Some people will encounter such embarrassing situation that when our lover her or him naked in front of you, but you have no any interest in sex. Just image this situation, it will bring what kind of hurt to your lover, and even can cause some family problem. In fact, the sexual desire is the physiological instinct of people, low sexual desire can not only affect the quality of the normal sexual life and even affect the feelings of husband and wife. The Medical experts summarized up the top 5 factors that impact men and women sexual desire respectively. Let’s go deeper with the following details.

Top 5 factors that affect a man’s sexual desire:

1 Be down in spirits.

Although women are more sensitive in psychology, but male sexuality is more vulnerable by effects of adverse emotion, especially in extreme sadness, fear, depression and despair condition, their sexual desire will be highly affected, or even completely disappear. A number of studies show that men in unemployment, loss of loved ones, the chance of erectile dysfunction will increase by 30%. When you encounter such condition, the first solution is to help him eliminate bad mood, do a good job of mental health as well.

2 smoking and drinking.

Large amounts of alcohol can cause blood vessels to dilate significantly, so the blood flow to penis and lack of penis pleasure will greatly reduce, resulting in decreased libido. Long term smoking can also lead to erectile problems. However, the effects of cigarette smoke and alcohol on sexual function are reversible, and most of the man sex functions can be gradually returned to normal levels after the elimination of tobacco and alcohol.

3 lack of nutrition.

Normally this will not possible reason for most area people, due to highly developed industry and agriculture, most people are facing the obesity problem. But it is a real cause factor for this topic. Nutrition is the material basis of sexual life. The research results show that the lack of protein and zinc and other important elements, can cause sexual dysfunction, especially for men. If men do not eat a balanced diet for 6 months, it will cause low libido.

4 Watch much porn.

A European study has found that the more men watch porn, the more they worry about their sexual skills. At the same time, porn will also make men become insensitive in sex, erection problem, obsessed with masturbation, ignoring your real lover.

5 addicted to computers.

A number of studies have shown that computers, mobile phones and other electronic products have already invaded into bedroom, which already seriously affect your normal sexual life. The survey found that playing computer games before going to bed, will reduce the male libido by 30%, may also lead to emotional problems.

The top 5 factors most likely to affect male and female sexual ability

Top 5 factors affecting women’s sexuality:

1 sexual intercourse pain.

A number of studies have found that there is an important link between sexual desire and pain in women, and 21% of the world’s women reject sex because they have pain in sex. If you feel pain in a sex, the woman will be highly alert to the pain, leading to a straight decline of sexual desire.

2 vaginal lubrication problem.

The Lubrication problem are the common problem in each age stage, and after menopause, the proportion of the problem increased significantly. Vaginal dryness may be caused by a variety of factors, such as dehydration, the use of specific drugs, breastfeeding or menopausal hormone levels, etc..

3 couple emotion problem.

Once the relationship between husband and wife encounter some problem, then the women’s sexual desire will decline or disappear. For women, if two people do not love each other, then there is no fun in sexual love, but this is not obvious in men.

4 just born a baby.

After the birth of a child, the female body is in fatigue state, worry about their body shape, and sometimes even appear severe depression, which will lead to low libido. Lactation can also reduce testosterone secretion, then to reduce the women sexual needs.

5 environment is too mass.

Living in a disorganized, poorly ventilated, overcrowded environment, particularly easy to stifle female sexuality. In particular, several generations living together in one room, or there are children besides, will form an invisible psychological pressure, easily lead to decreased libido.

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