The tongue of the world: national food for different countries

There is a very popular TV show called “On the tip of the tongue Chinese”, which have already broadcasted with two seasons. Food always lets a person cannot resist the temptation. All have their specialties of each province and each area, so it is the same for each country, there is a “national food”, may sometimes make you just to satisfy your tongue visit far away.

English: fried fish and chips

In any British town, you can see many small shop that hanging fish&amp signs. Usually this little shop is not big, always only with one counter. If approached the door, you can smell the aroma of fried food stocks, which obviously is the taste of fish. Fried fish and chips are operating independently for many years, until nineteenth Century 60 years, there are someone put these two together, and then it becomes the most popular British public food.

The tongue of the world: national food for different countries

Austria: Vienna schnitzel

Vienna schnitzel can even be used as a synonym for Austria. This steak is made from beef tablets by cut into very thin first sprinkle the bread crumbs, then deep fried together. It is usually served with lemon and coriander, and potatoes or rice.

The tongue of the world: national food for different countries

Argentina: Asado (barbecue)

Argentina is ranked at the first place of the meat in the world, and Argentina Asado is the delicious assurance, each barbecue are incomparable classic, especially in some rural flavor.

The tongue of the world: national food for different countries

Belgium: Mulaisi fries

Mulaisi fries (mussels and French fries) may also have in other countries, such as France and USA, but this delicious combination dishes actually originated in Belgium. You can use different ways to cook mussels (wine, butter, spices, or placed in tomato broth), and then served with crispy fries. Finally, a cup of refreshing Belgian beer, rushed the oily gas in the mouth in the hot summer time.

Brazil: Roast Beef

Roast Beef is Brazil’s most popular dish, and also is a necessary dish for dinner with guests. Different with we often eat Roast Beef, it does not add any seasoning, only in the beef surface sprinkle salt, surface grease exudation, outside with a little yellow color, inside is fresh and tender meat, so it has a special fragrance. Roast beef according to the parts have different types, including a thigh, haunch, steak, pork and so on.

The tongue of the world: national food for different countries

Canada: Poutine (gravy cheese fries)

Poutine from Quebec, add gravy and cheese on the fries, which is a delicious energy giant. After eat it, you can feel the warmth from the stomach to body.

France: foie gras

Speaking of French food, you cannot fail to mention the foie gras, which was invented by the ancient Egyptians in the 2500 BC. The foie gras develop to the highest point in the French table. Although it has been the most pain for the animal protection, and although nutritionists think foie gras is not consistent with the modern health food, but this food is still popular in France until the global.

The tongue of the world: national food for different countries

Spain: Jam nIb Rico

Jam nIb Rico is Spanish ham, also known as Harmon, is a kind of salty pickled made of pig leg ham. It is a typical Spanish food, especially when it with the spirits, hard bread and olive oil.

Arabia United Arab Emirates: Shawarma

Shawarma known as the “Middle East sandwich”, which is one of the few food that the mass in Arabia United Arab Emirates can afford. It is for this reason, it has become been the most popular dishes in the country. It is made of pita bread sandwiches, holding barbecue (usually a blend of mutton, chicken, Turkey or beef) and vegetables. On the top of it there is usually tahini, hummus or hot sauce.

The United States: Hamburg

The United States is so vast, the types of meals is also quite much, so it is almost difficult to choose a category as representative of American food. If it is necessary to make one choice, the American Hamburg will be the one, especially when they are with the French fries, milkshakes collocation.

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