The tips for your making love in cars

In foreign countries, according to a survey, the first romantic sex place is the beach, second is the car. The actual situation is that on the beach for a romantic, it is perhaps some luxury and unsightly for numerous living beings.  By contrast, in the car is more practicable. So in this article, the author would like to bring you some tips for your special activity in the car.

Preparations and precautions is shown as below. First, you should prepare everything, because it is not like in the hotel or at home, where you can get everything what you need, some things must be prepared in advance.

The tips for your making love in cars

1, special window

The special window is defined at that it cannot be seen from the outside, but you can see outside from. If you can not afford it, at least to use “heat insulation board” posted on the four side window. It is not recommended to use a large silver reflector, which will cover the view. But please note, when excited, you can’t give it to pull out.

2, flashlight

Since it is mostly happening in a dark place, although there are lights in the car, but if some unexpected things happen, flashlight will be useful tools.

3, protector

This should also remember to bring, such as spray, electric shock, so when there are some beast or bad one, you can be self protection.

The tips for your making love in cars

4, automobile shock absorber

Even if from the outsiders, people can’t see anything, the ups and downs car will also others attention. If in the wilderness, there is no big deal. But if you want to get much exiting at your own downstairs, or to find a stimulus in the downtown area, so the shock absorber should be necessities.

5, anti mosquito products

If you go to the outskirts in the summer, you want to open the window to enjoy the pure natural air beneath, so you need to use anti mosquito products.

The above is only some tips from author side, so if you have more useful tips or experience which can be shared to other people, please leave your comment below.

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