The three stages of the man most likely to be impotence

005 (1)Impotence is a kind of sexual dysfunction, also known as erectile dysfunction, which is refers to the male penis cannot erect or erect duration is not long enough, and cannot satisfied with the sexual life. Furthermore, both psychological and pathological factor can cause erectile dysfunction. In a man’s life, a lot of impotent reason, but there are three stages are most likely to suffer from impotence, so men must pay attention to these three stages, to ensure the prevention.

Lack of sexual knowledge: one or two years before and after the new wedding

Before and after marriage, both men and women are in the stage of relatively large fluctuations in the feelings. Before the marriage, both the family and work pressure caused the exponential growth of male pressure, which greatly improve the probability of causing impotence, so suffering from impotence opportunities also increased. At the same time in this stage, the newlyweds is mostly lack of sexual knowledge, sexual intercourse is easily in the tension and anxiety state, the initial experience of obstacles, such as insufficient erection, ejaculation too fast. In this way, the subconscious may lay hidden dangers, such as the activities of the fear of failure, fear cannot make a normal sexual performance. Some men on some physiological phenomenon of life’s lack of awareness, prone to unnecessary worries.

Reduce the sexual interesting period: ten years of marriage.

“After married ten years, and lie in the same bed, really a bit of attraction reduction. After marriage, women sometimes because of pregnancy, family burden and other reasons, the body is always out of shape, and the skin relaxation, no elegance, and with age female sexuality sometimes will be reduced because of illness and other reasons, so the male sexual desire cannot be met, and longtime such situation, it is easily leading to impotence. This adjustment method couples must learn how to use innovation to enrich the sexual life of husband and wife, to rediscover love feeling.

Decreased libido: male climacteric period

Men enter menopause will become violent temper anxiety. Part of the male hormone levels in menopause due to endocrine disorders caused some low sexual desire, erectile ability decrease, then women if not careful, will lead men to think himself without the ability to cause psychological pressure, resulting in impotence.

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