The three most easily phase of the male suffering with impotence

wallpapers-1962_top_celebritIn real life, many people think of male sexual disease is a physical disease, too much emphasis on drug treatment, while ignoring the male sex disease may be caused by psychological factors. Because of “male reputation”, most men will not mention their sexual related diseases. Many ED (erectile dysfunction) patients with private recipe, thus the delay in diagnosis and treatment. And the incidence of male sexual disease mainly in the following three stages:

One year before or two years after marriage

Before and after marriage, both men and women are in the stage of relatively large fluctuations in the feelings. There is a pair of young men and women fall in love with several years, and it is time to talk about their marriage, when two people are in the important phase period in their career. The work is facing the huge pressure, the two sides often friction caused by the huge psychological pressure to the man, in the course of time will affect the physical health of men, finally he cannot erect. Eventually divorce only after two years marriage.

Married for ten years

“In the same bed for 20 years, there will inevitably be some aesthetic fatigue. There are a couple of twelve years of marriage, children are on the third grade primary school. The first two years of marriage, husband most like to be back home from work earlier with his wife. Later, he opened his own company, began much busier. And the woman did not pay attention to maintenance after give the birth to a baby, and does not pay attention to facial skin care. In the face of his wife, he felt that life is boring, not to mention sex. Two times a week or more of sexual life become less and less.

If a couple appeared in sex is not harmonious, skin contact each other less and less, to create the atmosphere of love, and timely exchange of feelings of love is very important points.

The menopause

The old people can also have sex? The answer is absolutely right. However, men enter menopause will become violent temper and anxiety, and most love to stay at home. Male menopause appeared in part reduced libido, some erectile capacity decreased.

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