The three major hazards of soda biscuit

Soda biscuit is a very common snacks, there are many brands and many tastes on the market. Then you know what a soda cracker? You know how does soda cook? You know soda biscuit to eat much will be harmful? Today the following article summarized three big harm of soda biscuit.

1, increased blood pressure, increased edema

Eat soda crackers, increased sodium intake, which can increase blood pressure and edema.

The common salt has close relationship with essential hypertension, renal edema, hepatic edema and heart failure, with these diseases should limit salt or sodium intake. Because the soda biscuit with high content of sodium, the hypertension, heart failure and edema patients should not eat soda biscuit.

The three major hazards of soda biscuit

2, easy to get fat

Soda biscuits are rich in fat, are more likely to put on weight, increase the risk of diabetes and other chronic diseases.

In the soda crackers, due to the addition of refined oil mixture, so that the fat content is much higher than other food. 100 grams of flour steamed bread contains 1 grams of fat, but 100 grams soda biscuits containing 8 grams of fat. Intake of 100 grams of soda crackers than the intake of 100 grams of flour steamed bread, equal to more intake of 7 grams of fat, the equivalent of more energy intake of 63000 card.

Obviously, if you fear of gaining weight, or want to lose weight, or want to lower blood lipid, it is better not to eat soda biscuit. Eat soda crackers, would increase the intake of acrylamide, which may increase the risk of cancer.

The three major hazards of soda biscuit

3, containing a potential carcinogen acrylamide

Modern research shows that starch class food by high temperature cooking, in addition to generate unique flavor substances, also produced an internationally recognized potential carcinogen acrylamide.

1000 grams soda biscuit contains about 200 micrograms of acrylamide, which is far higher than the content of steamed bread (steamed bread contains few acrylamide), but lower than the French fries (811 mg) content.

Acrylamide can promote the formation of benign or malignant tumor, and led to the central and peripheral nerve damage. The international agency for research on cancer has been classified as a carcinogen acrylamide for human being.

It should be clear that acrylamide is human potential carcinogens, but there is still no evidence that eating high-temperature cooking starchy food will cause human cancer incidence rate increased.

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