The teenagers should pay attention to physiological problems

The teenagers should pay attention to physiological problems By the time the boy reaches the age of 10, the girl is also a bit early, they will start an important phase of her life called as puberty. After a few year time, the boy became a man, and a girl turns to be a beautiful and plump woman. Love between men and women arises. Because of their physical development and the mystique of sex, they are tempted to explore this curiosity of forbidden zones. It is a very important subject that how to correctly deal with the problems arising from puberty.

First of all, we should recognize our bodies and have a scientific understanding of the physiological anatomy of the reproductive system and eliminate the mystery. The young man need to correctly understand the increase of testis, penis, pubic hair appearance and spermatorrhea, which is a normal physiological phenomenon. Spermatorrhea is each personality after the maturity of the young men and the lack of sexual life male adults may happen, which is not terrible, and no danger neither.

Secondly, we should correctly deal with masturbation and premarital sexual behavior. After the taste of pleasure of spermatorrhea, the teenagers then play the genitals, develop the habit of masturbation, and most of them are lack of correct understanding that do not know there is harm or not to the body of masturbation, heard some rumors on masturbation will seriously affect marriage and childbearing, which will give their much moral guilt. Some weak teenagers show reticence and malaise, which directly affect their learning and work and cause physical harm.

In fact, from a medical point of view, masturbation is not as dangerous as some people call it. Foreign survey data show that more than 90% of the young men and women have had a masturbation history. There is no evidence that masturbation causes future sexual dysfunction. When the first sex on the wedding night, the failure of sexual intercourse at one time is a common occurrence, but some people associate this phenomenon with the history of masturbation, which adds to the mental burden and further interferes with the normal conduct of sexual life. Of course, excessive masturbation or excessive pursuit of sexual stimulation, so that long-term genital congestion, it is easy to induce prostatitis.

Premarital sex is a problem that should be taken seriously. Teenagers phase is the golden age of growing body, learning knowledge and developing intelligence. Those who neglect their studies and career and are keen on sexual liberation should seriously consider going to the right way of life as soon as possible.

Finally, teenagers should pay great attention to physical hygiene. Adolescent girls are relatively gentle and coordinated in their development. Boys are rapid and uncoordinated, with high growth and slow weight gain. Longitudinal development is fast and lateral development is slow, skeletal development is fast and muscle development is slow. This "three fast, three slow" features may lead young men prone to hump, bow and other bad posture. This period should pay attention to walking, sitting and standing posture, prevent kyphosis and scoliosis happen.

In addtiion, boys should not wear too tight trousers. Because the testes are extremely sensitive to temperature, wearing tight pants often results in thickening of the scrotal skin and elevation of the testicles to the outer ring of the groin, resulting in higher testicular temperatures than normal temperatures, affecting sperm development in the testes. Also increase the friction of the head of the penis pants too tight, easily lead to sexual impulse. Boys should also pay attention to keep the genitals clean, often turn over the foreskin, cleaning the dirt in order to prevent inflammation and penile cancer.

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