The size of the penis is impacted by genetic factors

The size of the penis is impacted by genetic factors 1, from the development and nutrition status viewpoint, in general, adult male is athletic and tall, then his external genitalia include the penis, scrotal development is also good, the penis may be relatively thick, otherwise it may be small, but it is worth to highlight that the penis size is not in proportion to the height. And it is often can see some male height less than 1.60 meters, and the penis after erection can reach more than 18 cm.

2, from the genetic factors point, the penis is the same as other body organs, so the size and morphological characteristics is controlled and under genetic influences.

3, some small fat abdomen, pubic symphysis, plump perineal fat male, are always with poorly developed penis compared to the normal male penis. Indeed, compared with the fat body, this short penis may give sexual life difficult and bad sexual experience after marriage.

4, other aspects such as endocrine disorders, male hormone deficiency, the penis scrotum swelling can also short the penis.

If so the penis size is impacted by so many factors, then how to increase the penis size?

1, increase the "capacity" of the penis, this means the penis and urethra cavernosum volume increased, so that the penis length and diameter increased.

2, because the penis is not fully exposed outside the pubic bone, there are some part is inside in less than a long part of pubis without exposure. Therefore, if you can make this no exposed part of the penis exposed to outside, you can achieve the goal of penis growth.

3, to maximize penile suspensory ligament stretch, which can effectively increase the penis size. Some of the urologists often through resection of penile suspensory ligament so as to achieve the purpose of patients with penile lengthening.

But the removal of penile suspensory ligament has a big disadvantage is the lack of support. In addition, the erection of the penis also relates to testosterone, the hormone secretion and a series of complex biochemical processes. Plenty of sex hormone secretion helps maximize the penis development, erect and durable.

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