The SIX secrets of male penis that you should know

1, different countries men penis size after full erection are much different

I believe that almost men are very concerned about their penis size level, because they believe that penis length and girth indicate men sex ability. So what is the average size date? First, let’s look at the two pictures:

The SIX secrets of male penis that you should know

Figure 1 is published by Target Map who is a map data website named on the global man penis size distribution into a graph, the male erectile size in different countries is divided into 5 dimensions after as follows: red > orange > yellow > green > light green.

Furthermore, the gray color means there is no enough data for summary.

The SIX secrets of male penis that you should know

Figure 2 is a list compiled by Pop Healthy Living network. It is very clear to show penis size range of many different countries. Among them, African men ranked top place, and the Asian men unfortunately at the bottom level.

For more detail information about the international men penis size, you can refer this article “Global men penis average length survey”. This survey data is referred by many condom manufacturers as the standard size and the type of division, so it is quite authoritative.

If your penis size is below the average data in your region, don’t worry too much. In fact, more than 97% of men are in the normal range. "BJU International" study shows that only 2.28% of men have very small pennies, and men with very large penises are only about 2.28%.

In addition, the male penis is not the longer the better, because too long and too large penis may bring pain to women during sex activity. And the medicine is generally believed that the length of male penis erection is greater than 5 cm can be normal sex.

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2, penis will be "fracture"

A lot of people may question this point, due to there is no bones, and how it could possibly be fracture? So I add the double quotes mark. The penis "fracture" is just a kind of image that rupture of corpus cavernosum, which is a rare urological surgical emergency.

From the peis anatomy, it is made up of a combination of two corpora cavernosum and a urethral sponge. The penis which is rich in blood vessels outside the sinus, surrounded by tough albuginea. The albuginea is a layer of membranous tissue closed corpus cavernosum penis.

When your penis is at full erection state, due to congestive penis expansion, the penis albuginea is in a highly nervous state. If the penis again with strong external force, such as strong bending, violent sexual intercourse, collision with a hard object, it can lead to the rupture of albuginea.

According to some research summary, the women up position is the most critical for your penis “fracture”.

3, male orgasm time is only about 3~10 seconds

The SIX secrets of male penis that you should knowAccording to a study published in the India times, the totally men orgasm time whole life can only reach 16 hours, with an average of about 2.02 seconds a day.

American sexology expert Dr. Ha Tore said, the male orgasm is most in the form of ejaculation, and the ejaculation time is very short, about 3~10 seconds. After ejaculation, which is also the end of orgasm, the penis will gradually away from the erection.

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4, 7~13 minutes is the real gold sex duration

The SIX secrets of male penis that you should knowWhat is the essence of sexual intercourse? That does not include foreplay and after sex. This gold duration is provided by a US researcher in Pennsylvania Rand institute.

Researchers in the United States and Australia, a random survey of thousands of people and found that the real sex (from the beginning of sexual contact) from 7 to 13 minutes is the most appropriate. Most of the respondents, especially men, the essence of sex more than 13 minutes, fatigue will be enhanced, and more difficult to recuperate; and less than 7 minutes, it is not satisfied.

It is common believed that the sex quality will be more important than the number and length.

5, a cigarette after sex may cause impotence

The SIX secrets of male penis that you should knowMany men would enjoy a cigarette after sex, and they believe this is a way to relax. You are wrong, in fact, smoking is a detrimental to health, no matter when and where, and then smoking will be greater harm. Because sex is a very strenuous exercise, at the end of sex, men’s muscles and bones, the nervous system is still in the excited state.

If at this time to smoke, the toxic substances are easily absorbed by the body, resulting in damage to the body, and even lead to angina and dyspnea and other phenomena. In addition, nicotine can promote the contraction of the penile corpus cavernosum smooth muscle, destroy the blood vessels of the penis, and inhibit blood flow, thus affecting erectile function.

6, penis will become bend like a banana

Normally, most men penises have the bent problem, and the difference is the bending degree. According to the medical statistics, 2/3 adult male, there are different degrees of penis bending phenomenon after erection. On the contrary, only about 30% of the men, is completely standing.

The bending direction, some bent upward, some bent down, some left, some right, some will either up or down to the left or right bending. As long as there is no erection pain, erectile dysfunction, dysuria and other issues, does not affect the normal sexual life, the bent penis do not need treatment, so you do not need to be inferior a lot.

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