The six passion Holy Land for woman

Although the bed was the most popular place in the world for men and women making love, but the bed may not the best place in their mind. After all, many couples want to change some new place for some new challenge. Investigation from the USA sex counseling website, thousands of people choose their most loved place. Perhaps, this may close to your fantasy passion places. Men and women the most loved place.

The six passion Holy Land for woman

1 bathroom

Up to 82% of the couples like in the bathroom. Apply for each other in the bubble bath; caressing each other and smooth skin, slow light the passion, with the water sound, nobody can resist this kind temptation.

2 beautiful beach

In the seaside soft sand, this is one of much romantic idea. You can hear the waves beat the shore, feel the beauty of nature, integrate with each other.

3 tent in the forest

It is absolutely feeling stimulation in the wild place such as the forest, and if you have tents, you don’t have to worry about be exposed, both privacy and enjoy outdoor feeling.

The six passion Holy Land for woman

4 the kitchen table

When the women are wearing an apron in the preparation of food, this is one of the most attractive moments for men. Hug her from behind at this moment, and make love on the table with great passion, it will bring a surprise. Men and women favorite places

5 in car

Come for a ride will feel great passion? Maybe this time should have some exciting games. Drove to the beautiful scenery of the hiding place, turn on the music, to shock in the car! But be careful not to strain your muscle.

6 the balcony of the hotel

Comfortable balcony will let many people have a fantasy. The moonlight shines on the body, if there is no one to disturb the balcony, to have a romantic passion will be a great choice.

The six passion Holy Land for woman

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