The six class is easy to provoke hypertension

Hypertension crowd is getting younger and younger, many people do not know why they suffer from high blood pressure, so let’s look at the following article, which people prone to high blood pressure?

One, a person who has a salty diet

Eating too salty is an important cause of hypertension, Chinese Beijing people eat more salty, so the incidence is far more than the south area of China. Salt is the main component of sodium chloride, eat too salty will lead to excessive body sodium, increased vascular resistance, increased cardiovascular burden, prompting elevated blood pressure.

The six class is easy to provoke hypertension

Two, emotional, nervous people

Grumpy, nervous, people engaged in mental work, with long time mental pressure, these people are likely to suffer from hypertension in this population such as hypertension, drug therapy effect is not obvious, should be adjusted from the heart.

Three, obese people

With the improvement of living standards, overweight and obesity more and more people, obesity can not only lead to high blood pressure, but also may lead to coronary heart disease, cholecystitis, arthritis and many other systemic diseases. Obesity most sleepiness, appetite is good, easy to form a vicious cycle. So want to stay away from high blood pressure must pay attention to lose weight, and the most healthy way to lose weight is regular exercise, proper diet.

Four. People who like to smoke

Smoking is not only easy to cause respiratory diseases, and easily lead to high blood pressure, coronary heart disease and other dangerous diseases, smoking can lead to accelerated heart rate, increased blood pressure.

Five. Middle aged and old people

Although the incidence of hypertension at any age, but is still the main force in the elderly population, more than 60% of the elderly population with significant cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, including cardiovascular disease associated hypertension caused by the majority, this is mainly with the increase of age, the human body function decline slowly, harmful to the body did not break out in the course of time. It is easy to suffer from the disease.

Six, suffering from diabetes, kidney disease

Diabetes, nephropathy and hypertension generally exist simultaneously, interact.

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