The secret of drinking with un-drunk

When drinking in the table, often hear it said “cheers”, it seems to be the one breath to drink the cup of white wine and is bold enough, enough to be a hero.

But you should know that drinking beer and white wine have its own principle: beer drinking with full mouth, but little when drink white wine.

Why? Beer just poured into a glass, the mellow wine and malt flavor is very rich, so it is very attractive. If put a long time, aroma would evaporate off. And beer optimal drinking temperature is 10 degrees – 15 degrees C, if the down in the cup to stay for a long time, liquor temperature will rise, wine will produce peculiar smell, and so the bitter taste prominent, lose feeling refreshed.

The secret of drinking with un-drunk

On the other hand, pour a cup of beer has a delicate white foam, which can reduce the bitterness of hops, reduce the stimulation of alcohol on human, and wine contains carbon dioxide drink entrance, let a person feel refreshing, especially in the big mouth and drink into the beer, burp easily, more let a person feel comfortable and cool.

But if it is to drink white wine, because of the higher alcohol content, drinking laws is totally different with the beer drinking, not the big mouth to drink, but should sip, like wine tasting, in order to better enjoy the wonderful taste of liquor, and can blood diluted alcohol to create more time, reduce the stimulation of alcohol on the body’s nerve, let a person not easy drunk.

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