The right way to eat 4 kinds of oil

The United States, “medical journal” recently said that the use of the world’s leading health software MFP (calorie counter application) for a variety of edible oil analysis, found that different oils have different healthy eating.

Olive oil

It has been found that olive oil help in the prevention of hypertension, decrease peripheral vascular disease, improve brain function is useful in female longevity. But olive oil has high temperature sensitivity feature, once the pan is on smoke, it will produce smoke and harmful free radicals, increase risk of cancer, stroke, and cataracts and other diseases. Therefore, most healthy eating is salad with olive oil, baking food, avoid fried and cooked at high temperatures.

The right way to eat 4 kinds of oil

Rapeseed oil

Classic rapeseed oil moderate taste, rich in beneficial Omega 3 fatty acids to a healthy heart. Eat the most common rapeseed oil can be used, braised, fried, roasted, stir frying and other cooking methods.

Peanut oil

Contains unsaturated fatty acids 18%, suitable cooking methods are relatively broad, such as baking, boiling, stir fry for a long time. Try to avoid fried and fried or high temperature.

Wheat germ oil

Wheat germ oil tastes delicious, and rich in vitamin E. More important is, wheat germ oil rich in polyunsaturated Omega 6 fatty acids, the unsaturated fatty acids can promote skin and hair growth, beneficial to bone health. This is not the best oil heating, can be used to make sauce, sauce and gravy. The same is not suitable for heating as well as flax seed oil.

The right way to eat 4 kinds of oil

In addition, the United States nutrition experts recommended the use of edible oil 3 tips:

1 edible oil mostly has a high temperature sensitivity. Don’t wait to smoke when cooking.

2 the best choice of Omega 3 fatty acids were higher in edible oil. The fatty acids are polyunsaturated fats that are beneficial to reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, and inflammation.

3 frequent replacement of different cooking oils. Different edible oils contain different natural healthy fats, which are beneficial to the human body. Regular change of cooking oil is helpful for a more comprehensive intake of nutrients.

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