The relationship between the women sex desire and body shape

As the saying goes “women judge with head, men with their feet”, this is related with their dressing issue. In fact, from the woman’s body type, it can also see her sexual desire.

Small type

Like a fresh girl is the characteristics of this type, as if the development of immature middle school students. Because of the psychological growth period, psychological often feel depressed, as well as bad mood, and the mind is under the influence of body, so the sexual reaction will not be good, and the sexual organ is not suitable for exploitation, but some people prefer this type.

The relationship between the women sex desire and body shape

Bone thin type

This type of woman looks may feel no fat, but the fact is beyond your imagination. She can fully interest and devoted and organ function is strong, but only less fat. If you have a chance with this type of woman go to bed, don’t give up the opportunity, otherwise it is she criticize you, instead of you enjoy her. Don’t hesitate, this woman may let you unforgettable in your eternal life.

Muscular type

This type of women’s body is rough, like men in general with rough hands and feet. Most men want to keep distance to this type. They not only has a man like figure, more masculine personality, even sexual activity has also adopted active action. If you occasionally want to be “little man”, you can try this type of woman, as long as you docile and obedient to ensure, you can let her control to forget who is a male and who is female.

The relationship between the women sex desire and body shape

Plump type

This type of woman most with flexible action, sub mini body size, but sex function is very strong, with fertile grassland, moist burrows is the typical features which attract many men like.

Obese type

Fat body, looks like a drop of oil at any time. For the normal man, they will not like this type. But if there is a chance, also might as well try this different taste.

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