The reason why you are running but not thin

More and more young girls love to lose weight by jogging, which not only can play a slimming effect but can also increase their physical fitness. For the most situation, you will not lose any weight by this way. Why has it been running but not being thin? This article will show you some information.

First of all, you must realize that your body is actually quite powerful, it can adapt any physical change from you, and this is the cause of you cannot lose body weight. Because you metabolic system learn as well, when you get used to a certain degree of strength and fatigue after exercise, your body will be adapt this condition, so run to lose weight often have more effect only in the first weeks.

The reason why you are running but not thin

Maybe you will think about to run more than one kilometer. It’s wrong! Running too long may also make you fat. To explain why the longer run does not necessarily make you thin, metabolic system as described above will be used to such situation, so if you’re jogging in the easy condition which your body can bear, you will feel physically better after run, but most will help maintain now the weight. If you really want to break the wall to lose weight, you need to speed up, in order to help burn fat.

Here you have to accept a new fact:

Everything you do in your daily life is easier to burn calorie than exercise! The energy required by our sleep, eat, think is absolutely beyond your imagination, and doing exercise will make you weight loss, because exercise makes your body produce more and more tight muscles, consumption of heat required our activities will increase when you with much muscles. So the fact is that dosing exercise is not the root cause to make you weight loss, but the increased muscles to assumption more calorie during your daily life, such as eating and sleeping chat metabolized more calories.

To sum up, running can form a very limited amount of muscle, especially when you continue to run at the same speed, the body can only be "maintained" and not "thin". So if you really want to be thin by dosing exercise, then you might try to step on the bike!

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