The real nutritional value of the old yogurt

What is the old yogurt?

The old yogurt in Qinghai ethnic China food has a long history, with the historical records of the herdsmen in 800 years ago began eating the old yogurt. Today, in Qinghai China, the herdsmen are still eating this traditional yogurt. Due to the unique production process of this yogurt, many tourists have been attracted. The reason why it can be a large scale into the modern city of goods, the root cause of its production method has been out of the traditional handicrafts, to achieve a large-scale production. From the appearance, old yogurt sold in supermarkets, usually bowl of semi solid, like tender tofu, need to scoop with a spoon to eat. Old yogurt taste simple, delicate taste, like creamy, more expensive than the average price of yogurt.

The real nutritional value of the old yogurt

The so-called “old yogurt”, is a traditional concept of making yogurt products, but now the practice has been and the so-called traditional production is not the same. All over the country has its own “old yogurt”, which is the traditional production of solidified yogurt. This yogurt is not sticky liquid, but basically appears solid. In yoghurt processing technology can be divided into yoghurt and yoghurt stirred, the old yoghurt is yoghurt. Compared with the traditional method, we must to fresh milk as raw material, semi-finished products respectively filling to packing a predetermined, and seal after the implementation of the 72 hour cold fermentation, making for a long time and shelf life is relatively short. Therefore, in order to place in the refrigerator to save.

In modern technology and yoghurt fermentation process is high quality fresh milk after the test, filter, homogenizing, sterilizing, cooling, inoculating lactic acid bacteria fermentation agent, immediately filling into containers, in the fermentation of interior to make the finished product for fermentation to produce curd. In the production process, the old yogurt by adhering to the production of yoghurt, first filling a single cup of baking form solidification state, the production and export of sense is more delicate, more convenient to eat yoghurt.

The real nutritional value of the old yogurt

Old yogurt nutritional value will be higher?

In fact, as long as you look at the market, “old yogurt” product nutritional ingredients marked, compared with other products have no advantage. From the sensory taste, it also felt that the protein content of some products is low, and the sense of jelly is too strong. From security, it does not have an advantage over other products. In addition to vegetable gum, other food additives, such as sweeteners and flavors, can be added. Individual old yogurt products can eat the flavor, and it seems that in addition to lactic acid produced by fermentation also added other organic acids. In addition, many products are relatively high sweetness, sweet taste to cater to the consumers.

Now most of the old yogurt products on the market, and in the past the traditional production of raw materials are pure old yogurt is not the same, nutrition and safety are no advantage, there is no special health effects. And, because it is generally contain food additives, which is not suitable for children under 2 years of age. If the old yogurt products show a relatively large intensity of frozen, which cannot be stirred into a liquid, it is also worth the attention of parents, because and jelly like, the children put this sour milk choke into the trachea is very dangerous. Above 3 years old of children do not have to worry about, but not a swallowing function development of young children to eat should special attention, adults be careful care, to avoid danger.

Why would the old yogurt be a little expensive?

Experts believe that, from the production costs, the old yogurt and mixed yogurt is almost no different, its high value may be related to its publicity.

Old yogurt as a fresh thing, in order to attract consumers, manufacturers in the publicity to put more money, it is understandable. At the same time, now the consumer to pursue a better taste, or the so-called high nutrition, feeling more than one or two yuan of money is not important.

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