The prevention of gastric cancer from eating habits

1, Garlic

The garlic is recognized as anti-cancer food, which has obvious anticancer effect. Epidemiological survey shows that people who eat raw garlic and gastric cancer incidence rate is very low. The reason is that garlic can significantly reduce the content of nitrite in the stomach, reducing nitrosamine synthesis possible. Therefore, the anti-cancer effect.

The prevention of gastric cancer from eating habits

2, Mushrooms

This kind of food including letinous edodes, mushrooms, mushroom and other edible fungus. The scientists found that many mushroom food contains anti-cancer substances, which can play anti-cancer effect. For example, polysaccharides containing mushrooms in the cancer rate is very high. Black fungus, white fungus contains polysaccharide is also an effective anti-cancer substances. Rich mushroom food in crude fiber and calcium have anti-cancer effects, can enhance human immunity.

3, Tomato

Containing lycopene and carrots, they are both antioxidants, especially lycopene can neutralize free radicals, for anti-gastric cancer and digestive system cancer beneficial also to prevent breast cancer and prostate cancer is effective.

4, Onion

Eating onions can reduce the content of nitrite in the stomach, it is important that the onion contains a kind of oak bark substances, as a natural anti-cancer substances. Studies show that people who regularly eat onions, stomach cancer incidence rate is less than 25% of people who eat less or eat onions, the mortality rate of gastric cancer is also low 30%.

5, Cauliflower

Containing much trace elements molybdenum, which can block the synthesis of carcinogenic nitrosamine, so it can play a role in cancer prevention. The study reported that broccoli also contains an enzyme that can stimulate the activity of cells called small sulfide, can prevent the formation of cancer cells. Eat cauliflower to prevent esophagus cancer, stomach cancer, have a certain role.

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