The penis length VS the hardness

The penis length VS the hardness In male physiological viewpoint, most of the men are very concerned about their penis size, and there are a lot of people even think that the penis size has directly close relationship with the partner. This concept is wrong.

Basically, the shape, size and length of each of the male genitalia are not the same, but the size and the length of the male penis are not directly connected with the men’s sexual desire, sexual function, and sexual attraction. If you really want to say the factors have a direct relationship with the sex, it should be related to race and genetic, age, health, environment, emotion and pressure, and the influence of these innate and psychological aspects, determines the erection hardness.

The hardness of men erection in the sexual life is the most basic factor. If the penis is not hard enough to get inside of vagina, it is no possible for the next step. In sexual medicine, the hardness of the male sex organs are more important than the length, so you can often hear the problem of the diseases such as impotence and rarely heard the penis is too long or too short problem.

To maintain the hardness of the penis, the physiological factors of the main key is to maintain a penile erection congestion state, namely penile cavernosum let blood in and little out. In the psychological aspect, worry, anxiety, fear, distraction… etc. will also affect the penis in erection rigidity.

Many men have intercourse problem mostly belongs to the psychological problems, but is misunderstood related to the length or other physiological factors. If is a physical problem, you should find a doctor; if it is psychological factors then it should be a psychiatrist.

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