The penis is short, by the man ability is stronger instead

The penis is short, by the man ability is stronger instead If a man’s penis is a little shorter than most people, he will usually worries about it. However, according to statistics from American medical experts, men with short penis are not weak in sex.

If the penis is long, then it must be strong enough to keep it powerful, so that it can be strong. Unfortunately, statistics show that the longer penis is always not thick, so there is not enough stiffness. Even if the penis is long and hard, it is easy to break or bend in the violent sexual life, increasing male sexual security risks, and also affecting the pleasant sensation.

If the penis is shorter, generally will be relatively thicker, thereby increasing the safety of sexual life. Furthermore, because men feel sexual pleasure nerve mainly located in the 2 – 3 cm range after coronal sulcus of glans of penis, and sensory nerve endings of female vagina is mainly distributed in the outer part of 1/3, and inside 2/3 is almost feel no sexual pleasure, so, the related shorter but thicker penis is more favorable.

According to the investigation result, the length of penis of male adults’ in 10 – 19 centimeters range after fully erects. Penis size will not be proportional to height or weight, the normal penis size smaller men, erectile length can increase a lot, and most can meet the requirements of normal sexual life.

So the penis size is not enough to be the mark of a decisive life. Some people worry that a shorter penis can interfere with sexual ability, and that a random use of sex hormones or some medicine, which will not only help increase penis size, but may also cause many serious side effects.

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