The penis glans why not hard during erection?

The penis glans why not hard during erection? This is a common question for most people, not only young boys ask, but the elderly also have this doubt. Then, after the penis erects, the penis glans why not particularly hard? Originally, glans is integrated with urethral sponge, because the urethral sponge surrounds the urethra and forward form glans and urethra, it is different with the anatomical structure of two penis sponges. So when the penis erects the penis glans is not hard, but a little hardness. This can make the sexual life between male and female genital contact more comfortable.

After understand the above reason, this kind of man can give up this meaningless concerns. The penis will fast erect when any related to sexual issue, is it sick? Many boys talk about their penis is very sensitive, as long as a little hear or see video, books about sex, the penis can erect, even think of things will erect. They often do blame themselves on this issue, which is believed as misbehavior, some turn to the doctor for medicine to cure the ills.

When you understand the physiological knowledge that why penile erection, these will be not a problem for this people. Because the young people are stimulated to erect is a normal physiological phenomenon, all the men are so, not only do not need treatment, it is a sign of sexual maturation, but also a reflection of the normal hormone secretion.

You don’t need to worry too much for this situation. Need to be reminded that the student adolescence is the golden period for everyone to learn knowledge, enhance wisdom, aspiring young people should put more time and energy to devote to learning, work and exercise, don’t indulge in sex related books and audio-visual programs, and reduce the teenagers make blind and disorderly conjectures. Physical health and academic development are of great benefit, penile erection will be reduced accordingly.

Because the cortex central can cause the inhibition of penile erection, if the lack of medical knowledge in this area, for the erection of the penis often produces fear, worry, anxiety and other negative emotions, may result in youth erection is too frequent, and in the adult after marriage to erect, it may have sexual dysfunction problem.

The penis erects all night? Some boys wrote that their penis erection all night, and therefore very fear and worry. To explain this problem, first to introduce male erectile physiology knowledge at night. We know that people’s sleep can be divided into REM sleep and REM sleep slow two forms. In every night of sleep, every man’s penis with alternating sleep in REM sleep period and slow REM sleep period, this is called nocturnal erections in medicine, this is the physiological process for healthy men.

In general, young men every night penile erection times is about 4-6 times, each time lasted 20-30 minutes, a total of up to 2.5 hours. With the increase of age, the number and time of penile erection will gradually decrease. This nocturnal penile erection is a physiological phenomenon of spontaneous sleep, not to people subjective will.

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