The normal penis: exactly how much big?

The normal penis: exactly how much big? The penis size problem is the most trouble problem for a lot of teenagers and even adults, due to most of them think their penis is smaller than others.

The penis in the baby, the length can reach 2.5 cm. The following two years, the growth rate is relatively slow, an increase of 0.5 cm. At the age of 2 to 11 years of age, every year only increased by 0.2 cm. Just after enter puberty, the growth rate is rapid increased, which can reached the adult level in 5-6 years.

Then the normal male penis should be much big? Indeed, for the penis size issue there is no common standard, most of the data report, the normal adult male penis static length is within 4-10 cm. The penis static length change is very big, so from the medical viewpoint, the penis length is determined through measuring the pulled penis, which is very close to the erection state.

So how to pull the penis for this measuring? Use your thumb and forefinger clamped glans penis coronary sulcus, pull the penis with fully stretch, then measure the length with a ruler from the penis foot to the root of the penis.

The reference value for short penis: the penis length of newborn less than 2.5 cm, less than 5.5 cm in adults.

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