The nine standards of perfect male genitals

First, a little bend upwards

The nine standards of perfect male genitals The penis is a little bend upwards, but not to right or left side, just like a good quality cucumber. Why the feature will take the first place of the nice? This is because this type penis can more easier to stimulate female G-spot due to the slightly upwards bent. Compared to the straight type, this type is more easily repeated stimulation of female G-spot sensitive zone, then to bring much more orgasm for the women.

How can I practice to be such kind penis? The answer is that there is no way, regardless of medication or surgery cannot do, so this is absolutely the gift from the God.

Two, hot type

This means after your fully erection, the penis surface skin temperature is high with a little hot feeling. This is because of the fast blood flow rate brings more volume blood go through your penis, and more heat will come together. Just image that a high temperature penis getting into the women’s moisture vagina which can bring more pleasure. It is common for the man who is 18 to 25 years of age have a hot penis, but it will decline when aging.

Three, hard type: this does not explain much. The erection hardness plays an important role in the sexual intercourse and orgasm reaching.

Four, blunt type

This means the penis glans is not highly, so it can have a longer lasting time. Longer erection can bring women with twice or more orgasm.

Five, thicker type: this also do not say more.

Six, long type

Seven, high lift type

This means after fully erection, the penis is with bigger angle. In general young male erection angle is 70-85 degrees, but with the increase age the angle will become increasingly lower.

Eight, black type

From an aesthetic point of view, black is more representative of power. Similarly, the black penis make people feel more powerful, more masculine than white one, when they have the same size.

Currently, it is very popular to have sunshine bath on the penis area in many countries in Europe and America, which can make the penis with bronzed skin that looks with more manhood. Of course, some sunscreen is necessary to avoid sun light burn. .

Nine, convex type

This is also relatively good understanding, when the penis blood vessels are relatively rich, resulting in penis skin surface uneven, such penis is more likely to stimulate women’s nerves.

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