The mystery of the penis in male adults

The mystery of the penis in male adults The human penis has three major characteristics: first, it is big size. The gorilla is much stronger in body than human, but the penis is only with finger thickness; two, human penis has no bones, the ape has a penis bone in the penis; three, no flexible after erection, so it can only be driven by body movement. These features are unique for human being during the long time evolution.

But it is difficult to find a biological explanation on three characteristics of the human penis obtained, only human penis perfect demonstration of these three characteristics. If the human penis have a penis bone like the primate ancestors in the penis, so there will be no erection dysfunction problem anymore.

In fact, it also proves the necessity of the evolution of human ancestors penis bone disappeared. The human male sexual activity in the evolution of strengthening trend, breaking the physiological balance, so it needs to have physical limitation. The penis bone disappeared is the necessary physiological limits.

The penis bone "disappeared", instead of the cavernous body of penis, which is the most amazing body organ. It is soft when it is not erection, but is hard as bone after erection. The ape who has a penis bone, the penis comes out of the penis sheath when penis erection. The human who has no penis bone instead of the cavernous body, the penis will become longer and bigger, and it cannot be changed during the whole erection, so it must be driven by the body movement. Furthermore, human sexual intercourse is face to face, men’s body totally press on women, so men take the most amount of exercise in sexual activity when compared to other creatures.

The penis cavernous as hard as bone, and also as soft as flesh. With this wonderful character, it cannot only ensure the smooth implementation of the physiological function, but also effectively carried out to prevent men consume more physical to sexual activity. Because the penis makes men halt sexual activity after reach orgasm.

The two time interval between the penis erections, called "refractory period" from adolescence, refractory period was extended trend. That is to say, the male sexual capacity from puberty showed a decreasing trend. A 40 year old father’s ability is much inferior to that of his 16 year old son.

In a unit of time, under natural conditions, a man erection is might fixed, while a woman may accept sexual intercourse is far more than the number of men can do. In the specific sexual activities, as long as a man is ejaculation, then the orgasm is reached, and women must be fully stimulated to reach orgasm. From the unit of time in sexual intercourse and each intercourse meet two view directions, a man sexual ability is far lower than that of a woman’s sexual potential.

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