The most unexpected 4 kinds of bad breath food

1 wine

Alcohol is a diuretic, drinking too much easy cause the mouth, brain and body water shortage, but also hinder the normal secretion of saliva. But there are a lot of material in the saliva which can be broken down and washed away the “smell of bacteria”, so, once excessive drinking, will inevitably increase the bad breath. Recommended to drink more water as far as possible after drink wine.

The most unexpected 4 kinds of bad breath food

2 mint candy

Dr. Amery said, a lot of fresh breath mints claim to eliminate bad breath, actually do more harm than good. Once the menthol disappeared from the mouth, mouth odor will quickly rebound and increase. Most of the mint sugar contains sugar, which is “the food of bacteria”, the bacteria in the process of decomposition of sugar will be released sulfide, which will increase the bad breath.

3 meat

Dr. Emory said intake meat too much, it will cause the protein intake exceeds the body needs, the body will be decomposed into carbohydrate used as energy. The decomposition process will produce ammonia (urine), which will be excreted through the mouth.

4 dried fruit

Nuts not only contain a lot of sugar for bacteria promotion, and contain large amounts of insoluble dietary fiber, are more likely to lead to the aggregation of the mouth and teeth with sugar. So after eat nuts, must promptly clean teeth.

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