The most scientific method measuring the length of the body

The most scientific method measuring the length of the body The penis is an important part of male reproductive organs, which is very important to a man. As early as in ancient times, the penis appears in stone totem, which fully embodies the people worship of the reproductive organs. The penis size differences by race and individual. The Chinese man (18-45 years old) penis length (non erectile) between 4.5-8.8 cm, with an average of 6.5 cm, the average diameter of 2.5 cm, the average diameter of the penis was 8 cm in the middle part.

So, how to measure the length of the penis? Here to teach you a doctor commonly used method. The measurement of non-erect penis length: room temperature of 18 DEG C, the upright posture, pull the penis with 90 degrees with the body, with the ruler to measure phallic pubic symphysis to the top of the head of the penis length.

Measuring erect penis length: the upright posture, glans pulled forward by hand until cannot be extended anymore, measure the length from the pubic symphysis to the head of the penis length, due to the totally pulled length is almost the same to the erection states. If the result is greater than or equal to 8 cm, which can be judged as normal. It is worth mentioning that some men due to obesity, more abdominal fat, so that part of the penis embedded in fat, make the penis looks smaller.

The normal formula for calculate the penis size:


International Male Health Organization (MTD) through nearly 30 years of:

The penis length M= (T -105) *0.618/3.14 (CM), T means your height;

Normal penile D=M/3.14 diameter (CM)

(Europe and Asia = /1.414/0.618) cm

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