The most pernicious sex way

Most of you may not know, in fact, the sex posture between husband and wife reflects the body condition, sometimes take improper sex posture. Not only greatly reduce the chances of pregnancy, but also harm the body health. Here let’s take a look at what are the pernicious sex posture.

“Fast food” sex

This sex often has shorter foreplay or even no foreplay, which tends to scare women, both are in tension state, two of them will be pain during such fast sexual intercourse. Under such condition, it is mostly without any pleasure desired, but also to the body genitals damage, so with long time such situation, it is highly possible to appear frigidity.

The most pernicious sex way

Warning: it is a very normal situation that no sex for a period time, because of busy work and family chores. Do not have to worry about this, and cannot serve as a task for each other. So, if there is no sex fun, you can separated sleep for a little time.

“Multiple” sex

Most men, OK all the men attach great attention to their sexual ability, so sometimes, in order to show their strong power, they will want to do it again after a sexual intercourse. This will make man’s body has been in an excitement state, and the number of times will be erectile dysfunction.

Warning: the quality of sex is not in quantity, so that a climax of sexual love is much better than more two times in a hurry sprint, and also healthier.

Dangerous sex

In fact, it is their freedom to have sex with their partners. However, many couples choose unhealthy sex ways. Often do not know each other there is a part of the bacteria, just to be happy, the use of unsafe sexual love, which is undoubtedly for your health planted a dangerous seed.

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