The most healthy sex schedule

What is the best time for doing sex? For this problem, there will be little people know the right answer. The high quality sex contribute to physical and mental health, also has great effect on the relationship between husband and wife. A good sex schedule, you can enjoy unlimited sex happiness and keep a healthy body at the same time.

The most healthy sex schedule

1, sex in the morning time

This is most men like sex time, because most men are erectile state when they wake up in the morning. But many women are on the contrary. A woman during sex needs more exotic and enjoy, so they are very difficult to tolerate each other without brushing to kiss on the face. In addition, the morning hours are often rush, it is difficult to gradually warm, often quickly into the role, and no tenderness and whisper after sex.

Disadvantages: but if you refuse the man requirements when he is in burning status will also have many disadvantages. He will be irritable mood, do not want to eat breakfast. And he will think about this during all the day as the desire stuck in his body. If you are not a morning sex lovers, you can get a little earlier than him, taking a shower, and prepare the breakfast for him.

The most healthy sex schedule

2, sex in the noon time

The noon time is very nice for sex from the physically speaking. 3 hours of work in the morning will not crush us, and have a distinctive sex with your lovers during this period is so wonderful. We hurried into the bedroom, lock the door as soon as possible, passionately kissing, let the passion burning.

Disadvantages: when you after shower, expect lover to embrace you, but you only find that he has stripped the clothes lying in bed waiting for you, and you may feel the purpose is too direct.

The most healthy sex schedule

3, sex after noon time

This time for sex is very suitable for men, because women often complain that man fell asleep right away. Even at night, they are also need gentle whisper before to sleep. In the afternoon nap time, finish love immediately into sleep, no one will accuse him.

Disadvantages: a lot of people only on weekends to nap, as it is too hot outside or when it rains. Without the intense action nor urgent desire during the nap time. There are no much power, and it is not easy to achieve orgasm. In a word, tired too thick, too much in the stomach, it is best not to have sex. Lunch break sex brings you an unforgettable passion.

The most healthy sex schedule

4, sex before dinner time

This is the time for dinner, if full abdomen sex, it will bring physical exhaustion after sex life. So if you choose the time for sexing, do not hurry to eat dinner. When you enjoy the sex, then go out for a walk, looking for a delicious restaurant.

Disadvantages: there will be no happy mood to have sex before falling asleep, you will miss the best time for sex.

The most healthy sex schedule

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