The morning erection reducing is impotence?

hot-girl-wallpaper-1As a woman’s menstrual cycle will be affected by the moon’s gravity effect, when the sun rises, men wake up in sleep, and find yourself with erection. They have not been stimulated, why would happen an erection? In fact, the 4 to 7 O’clock in the morning in the unconscious natural erection is called morning erection, it is nocturnal erections continue, which is the male health signal.

The erection occurrence of REM sleep at night

Related the sexual erection, there are psychological erection and reflex erection, the male is in sexual stimulation, erectile excitability, caused by arterial vasodilation, congestive penis erection. In addition, in the period when men sleep REM will happen nocturnal erections.

Nocturnal erections generally occurs in the later night. With the alternation of REM sleep and REM sleep is also slow, continuous penis erection. Men in adolescence and 20 years of nocturnal erection is most intense, usually occur 4-6 times every night, and 20-40 minutes each time, the cumulative erection time up to 2-3 hours. When night erection continued to men woke up in the morning, to be the morning erection.

The morning erection has no clear scientific explanation, generally considered to be formed in the process of human evolution. In addition, men androgen levels continue to increase in sleep, and reached the peak when you wake up, may unconsciously erect. Of course, if the filling of bladder, can also cause penile reflex erection.

The morning erection has important physiological significance. The doctor found that men in illness, the morning erection will weaken or disappear, and when it is healed, morning erection condition also will return. Therefore, if the morning erection reduced, may indicate the occurrence of diseases of hypertension, heart disease and diabetes.

The morning erection reduction will lead to impotence?

The morning erection has no directly relationship with normal sexual function, it reflects the health of male body function. Therefore, because need not worry about their own sexual dysfunction when morning erection reduced.

In addition to the disease, reduce the morning erection can also be a sign of male body aging, or that excessive fatigue and lack of sleep. Bad habits, such as smoking, drinking, will also affect the morning erection quality.

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