The men and women who slept with who?

Between men and women no matter who take the positive during the sexy activity. Generally speaking, it should be a mutual behavior. But according to the market price and the wine table bullshit, man always feel that they get much from the woman. The generally accepted reasons are shown as the following:

The men and women who slept with who?

1, men always feel they are human, but women are the goods

Men never go out to show off sleeping with his own wife, because they think it is their own property, so wife is not suitable for outdoor discussion. Only slept with another man’s wife or not married woman that is almost like stealing someone’s home or pick up 10 dollars on the way. Get something besides their normal income, including sleeping with women, always let the men feel that take advantage of feeling. And they believe that it can prove their luck.

2, men in the physical deceive themselves to seek psychological balance

In fact, men do not get any advantage from sleeping with women. Physically the men have to pay more physical, but also give dedication out of the body. The fact is that most men need to work had in the “sleep” process.

The men and women who slept with who?

3, women traditionally reserved and implicit remind them not too insolent.

No matter how to say the equality between men and women, men are still men. From the primitive society, the social division of labor has given man much strong attack, possessive, expressive and vanity strong special. In some primitive tribes, in order to show their strong, men will touch a lot of things in their reproductive organs around, in order to let others from sensory looks very thick. This is the man’s way to show up performance of vanity in the original direction.

4, men can “sleep” many women, and women can also sleep many men, no need to show off

Many men are always boasting about their sleep many women. Therefore, men and women are both human, they should respect each other.

The men and women who slept with who?

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