The man’s nose is big, their penis is big?

The world is always have a desire to explore of male sexuality, so there are a lot of rumors online, such as big nose indicate the men with a big penis; plenty of hairy chests means the men will have a large penis; and so on. Today, let’s talk about the relationship between nose size and men penis size.

Now our question is that a men with big nose, and his penis is also big? Bigger than the average level.

In fact, this is just a rumor saying. There is no directly relationship between the men penis size and the size of the nose. From a scientific point of view, it is more affected by the genetic effects and the size of penis is not representative of sex ability by lasting hardness.

So nose is not the determined factor, and what are the effect points of penis size? So, since we are so concerned about the penis size, today we will come under the secret this topic.

The man's nose is big, their penis is big?

1, genetic

The size of the sexual organs are 80% determined by genetic factors, only a small part of the growth factor.

2, endocrine factors

The nutritional intake during the development ages will greatly affect the size of your penis, just like human height, malnutrition is not possible to be higher.

3, habits

If long-term excessive drinking, excessive masturbation or sexual life, living without regulation, will cause the testicle into recession in advance, which cannot produce enough testosterone and androgen, the nutrition for penis growth and development do not have enough supply, the penis will stop growing.

4, disease factors

  • In addition, some related diseases can also affect the size of penis such as
  • Congenital male penis short
  • Acquired penis short, mainly due to testicular atrophy, such as: long engaged in ultrasound, microwave, radiation, high temperature and other operations of men.
  • Congenital testicular disease: due to testicular secretion of male hormone deficiency.
  • Acquired male penis short.

The man's nose is big, their penis is big?Finally, I also remind male friends, blindly pursuit of large is not necessary. Most studies have shown that the size of the penis should have no determined effect on the overall satisfaction of a woman’s sexual life or the chance of reaching orgasm.

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