The man erects hardness has four levels, which level are you?

The man erects hardness has four levels, which level are you? During sex, if men are not hard enough, it is usually very embarrassing moment. This bad situation will not only embarrass the male heart, but also may seriously affect the relationship of the couple.

In fact, men in sex, erection hardness can be divided into 4 grades:

Level 1 hardness. The penis is like cotton, and also can be described as bean cake, this erection hardness level of man is really impossible for a great sexual life. Under this situation, the erectile function is poor, and the penis can a little erection after sex stimulation, but usually not firm.

Level 2 hardness. The penis like wet cloth bag, which can be described as a peeled banana, this level is slightly better than level 1. Although the penis has erection, still cannot insert female vagina.

Level 3 hardness. The penis is like sandbags, which can also be described as an unpeeled banana. This level hardness erection can fulfill the sexual intercourse target, but this level of erectile hardness is not the best state.

Level 4 hardness. The penis is like a rubber rod, which can also be described as a fresh cucumber. The penis is very hard, but also strong enough, you can enjoy sex.

So, the question is that why some men do are not hard enough? What hurt man erection hardness?

There are many reasons caused the poor man erection hardness:

  • 1, the hard life pressure. The high pressure men always with bad sexual function.
  • 2, bad life habits. Studies have shown that in patients with erectile dysfunction, drinking and smoking accounted for more than 60%.
  • 3, physical diseases. The people who is suffering from hypertension, coronary heart disease, diabetes, the erectile hardness is generally poor.

Therefore, men want to become harder erection, they should be appropriate for their own relief, good habits, and give up smoking and drinking.

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