The man ejaculation is like launching missile into outer space

What is the ejaculation going on?

The man ejaculation is like launching missile into outer space The ejaculation process involves several complicated stage which can not a breadth between each other, so we are about to compare it with the launching missile into outer space. In fact, it was launching a missile into vagina inside space. When the erection, at this moment, an electric current starts running, and the surrounding skin senses are incorporated into the whole current system. These feelings items feeling the heat, the friction, the pressure on the wall, the amount of fluid in the lubricant, and so on. All these conditions are constantly relayed to the spinal cord, nerves, and the brain’s sexual centers, which respond to more blood delivery, increase susceptibility to receptors, and strengthen the nerve in the lower part of the spine.

As sexual behavior continues, the sexual organs and the central nervous system develop a round flow and become more and more nerve stimulating. Visual stimulation and physical contact with each other also help to strengthen the tension rapidly. In a sense, it’s like blowing a ball, the pressure is getting bigger and bigger, until it finally explodes and then come down. Finally, it reached a climax. In the process, ejaculation is like the explosion of a balloon. It is a violent explosion of nerves that leads to a chain reaction. Then things began to pick up fast.

The urethra is closed so that the urine does not spill out carelessly. The secretions of the prostate, seminal vesicles, and testes are mixed together. The man pelvic muscles gets contraction, make it more deeply, and at the same time, the back is raised unconsciously, pushing the whole body forward. At this point, consciousness is completely lost, and the contact with the outside world is completely isolated, and the only contact is a few cubic inches surrounded. A powerful body pump takes effect in the moment, about six times continuously to inject 1/4 oz of semen into the vagina. After ten seconds, the whole process is over and wait for the next time to start over.

Every time the number of ejaculated sperm?

The man ejaculation is like launching missile into outer space There are five hundred million sperm on average in 1/4 per ounce semen, the amount equivalent two times to the population of the United States. The average a man can shoot eighteen quarts of semen, the sperm is 1,500,000,000,000. According to the theory, a man has the ability to bear children about four hundred times the current total population of the earth. Fortunately, there is only one chance of fertilization in the two hundred and eighty-eight. Fertilization is usually the combination of a sperm and an egg.

What about erection?

If ejaculation is likened to launching missiles, erection is the manufacture of missiles, starting from scratch at every time. Beneath the skin are a series of small sacs, such as balloons, which are congested by a bundle of blood vessels. The capsule contains two valves, one for blood in and one for blood out. The action of blood vessels and valves is controlled by a nerve tissue that leads directly to the spinal cord, nerves, and brain, which transfers sexual stimulation from the brain to the spinal cord, as well as the command of the central nervous system.

How long should it be?

The man ejaculation is like launching missile into outer space For the penis size issue, it really caused some strange behavior that where ever in the public bathroom, in the club locker room, or at the YMCA swimming pool, two male strangers met naked, they must first sight toward the other penis area. At the same sometimes almost without showing feelings, they started to compare the size of their penis.

There is a story that once Lincoln was asked, "how long should a man’s legs be?" Lincoln thought for a moment and answered, "I think the legs should grow up enough from the body to tread on the ground." From a practical point of view, normal size penis should be long enough to enter vagina, as long as the sperm does not overflow, so the basic function can fulfill that the future generations can continue. Actually, the penis size is the feature inherited from generation to generation, if the penis is really too short to make the sexual intercourse, so their gens will not be pass to next generation. In fact, the short race become extinct already in five hundred thousand years ago.

Size (regardless of length, diameter, or other measure factors) has not big relationship to do with the ability to make a woman’s orgasm. But it should not too to so small that normal sexual intercourse is not possible. Sexual stimulation during a woman’s orgasm is focused on easily accessible organs, such as the clitoris, labia minora and the surrounding sex zones, which include 1/3 of the outer part vagina, which can be easily reached by any adult.

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