The male should pay attention to anti impotence in autumn

Spencer-Scott-Background-The incidence of male impotence disease rate is often higher than other seasons in the fall, according to the statistics of 1102 cases of impotence patients have obvious seasonal changes were a total of 772 people, its distribution is: the fall of 386 people, accounting for 50%; in the summer of 116, accounting for 15%; in the spring of 39, accounting for 5%; the winter of 231, accounting for 30%. The conclusion is that the high incidence of impotence happen in the autumn.

Impotence is male genital atrophy not work, cannot erect, or erect not firm, so it cannot complete a normal sexual intercourse. According to statistics, in recent years the domestic divorce case, 75% is raised by a woman, most of which is for the husband suffering from sexual dysfunction, especially impotence.

Mental factors is the most common and important to cause impotence, accounting for about 85% to 90% of the total incidence. For example, the marital relationship discord, hostile to the woman; or the sexual life between husband and wife is not harmonious with each other, do not get the desired satisfaction, cause aversion to sexual behavior, all above can cause impotence occurred.

Sexual intercourse environment discomfort, such as many people living in a house, when sexual intercourse is suspicious or fear, can also lead to impotence. But there are a lot of people happen impotent, is due to the lack of knowledge, fear of sexual intercourse failed to make the woman not satisfied, so the formation of impotence; or once sexual intercourse not satisfied, they mistakenly think they have impotence.

Because these people have doubts or fears, although every time sexual demands, but when to sexual intercourse, they are full of tension, fear, worry and the idea of thinking, which lead to the erection of the penis is softened, cannot perform sexual intercourse. In addition, excessive masturbation and excessive sexual intercourse, can also be the common cause of impotence.

Excessive sexual intercourse, especially repeated sexual intercourse, because of the need for more intense stimulation, can cause penile erection and ejaculation. After long time, erectile nerve center is suppressed, will produce functional impotence.

There is a kind of organic impotence, treatment is difficult at present, and the reason is caused by the defect of the sexual organ anatomy.

So, how to prevent male impotence in the fall season?

Develop a healthy lifestyle, which can reduce the chance of erectile dysfunction:

1, to eliminate the psychological factors

Get enough knowledge to have a full understanding of the mental factors on sexual function. Treat the “sexuality” as shameful and hatred and fear issue; do not lack of confidence after one or two times sexual intercourse failure; a couple should increase their emotional communication to increase the elimination of disharmony factors of the tacit understanding care should be encouraged to avoid dissatisfaction; thought should be focus when perform sexual intercourse; especially reached the sexual pleasure peak to ejaculation should be more concentrated.

2, Abridgesex.

The long-term excessive sex, or in porn masturbation, which can lead to mental fatigue is one of the leading causes of impotence. Practice has proved that the marital bed stop sexual life for a period of time, avoid all types of sexual stimulation, so that the central nervous system and organs get enough rest, is the effective measures of prevention and cure impotence.

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