The male obesity will cause to big problem

1, obesity affects male fertility

The male obesity will cause to big problem If it is only short penis from the visual viewpoint due to obesity, which is not the most critical problem. The main point is that the obesity will cause man fertility problem if your weight is over standard limitation.

"Many fat people will have "burning crotch feeling “phenomenon, which is caused by the thigh inside the close skin, and the repeated friction result in eczema for a long time. And there is a hidden risk that the testis is always in a relatively high temperature environment, resulting in the ability spermatogenesis reduce."

Originally, the required temperature for formation of testicular sperm usually is 3 ~5 degC lower than human body normal temperature. If the temperature is higher, just like the body 36 ~37 DEG C, then, will sperm generation have been seriously affected, so the testis must stand outside your abdomen part, and the scrotum is heat regulator organ.

The men can self-observation, when summer comes, the scrotum tend to relax, so also testicular ptosis, then can be far away from the hot body, so when the blood flows, to go through a relatively long distance, contributes to heat dissipation. This also shows that the testis farther away from the body, more conducive to heat dissipation, which can self-regulate and maintain the temperature of the testes is at a low level. But the obesity people have no more space for such temperature adjustment.

For men with obesity, there is a condition known as obesity with reproductive incompetence, that is, obese people in reproductive and sexual function will be greatly affected. This is because the male is obese, the inside of the scrotum is also filled with more and more fat. It can be imagined that when the scrotum is full of fat, the temperature of the testis will be directly affected, as well as the ability to reduce spermatogenesis.

2, obesity always with lowers libido

The male obesity will cause to big problem Sexual desire can also be discounted for people who have fat bodies and walk with heavy breathing. "This sexual desire includes both intrinsic sexual arousal and external feelings of inferiority caused by the length of the genitals and the decline in sexual function." The sexuality and blood androgen are close related, obese male fat increase makes more androgen into estrogen, and the estrogen secretion of high concentration can inhibit pituitary gonadotropin, and testicular testosterone secretion decreased. If the male body androgen level is low, high levels of estrogen, sexual function will be weakened in different degree, mainly in libido, erection and ejaculation and the orgasm feeling.

In addition, many obese people will be accompanied by diabetes, high blood pressure, and all these diseases will directly affect sexual function, make people’s libido decline, and some even lead to impotence.

Obese people will aggravate the difficulty of sexual intercourse due to physical reasons, such as clumsy, single posture. If sexual intercourse fails often, it will inevitably lose interest in sexual life, leading to frigidity. Therefore, in order to have a good sex life, weight loss is necessary.

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