The male has a beer belly susceptible to erectile dysfunction

rosie bedPotbellied beer belly brings inconvenience to the patient’s actions attracted patients complain. Recently, the National Cancer Institute, National Heart Lung and Blood Institute, the American Cancer Society came the news: beer belly men prone to erectile dysfunction.

This several authoritative research draft report shows that overweight men are more likely to erectile dysfunction.

According to a men’s survey of 1981 overweight men, 88% of the testers have different degrees of erectile dysfunction, usually, the larger waist circumference of male erectile dysfunction in the higher rate. Even considering age, smoking, drinking, hypertension and other risk factors, a large waist male are more prone to erectile dysfunction problems.

In addition, these research institutions found through scientific investigation, the lack of movement of the probability of men suffering from erectile dysfunction, far greater than the exercise at least thirty minutes a day for men.

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