The life time will be shorter for the people who never drink

It is always the most controversial topic about whether alcohol drink will hurt body function. The latest "Clinical and Experimental Research on alcoholism" America magazine published an article pointed out: although scientists are still not clear the root cause, but do not drink will make the higher death rate. The article still says actually, the people life time will be shorter than alcoholics.

Studies show that moderate alcohol consumption can reduce the death rate, if every day drinking two to three cups. Moderate alcohol consumption (especially drinking red wine) is not only beneficial to the heart and blood circulation, but also contribute to the development of interpersonal.

The life time will be shorter for the people who never drink

But why abstaining from alcohol lead to a shorter life time? In view of alcohol consumption are cost more, the people who are not drink are usually the lower class in society. While the people of low social status often with higher life pressure, including work and family, and in the long-term pressure also can lead to various physical and mental diseases.

However, despite all can think of factors: social economic status, health status, the number of relatives and friends, the researchers (led by the University of Texas, psychologist Charles Holahan of the six research group) after 20 years of research found that the death rate is the highest; followed by alcoholic; and the lowest is the people who takes appropriate alcohol.

The life time will be shorter for the people who never drink

Although the drinking people suffering from sclerosis and risk of various cancers is higher, but for the people who never drinkers, the mortality is much lower. One of the important reasons is that alcohol helps to interpersonal communication, and interpersonal intercourse is the key factor to keep physical and mental health.

But the researchers also pointed out that although the proper drinking will live longer, but drink will still bring many risks such as damage to the body, resulting in memory degradation. In view of this, only a good grasp of degree, moderate drinking can fit healthy body and mind.

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