The legend health food will make you fat

What is the healthiest food? Finally when you can comfortably sit outdoors Coffee museum to enjoy a healthy food, at the same time, those named low-fat low heat “health food” can also make you body fat. Imagine that your belly will rains up after eat such food, then I am sure you will not eat them anymore.

The legend health food will make you fat

1, sushi

Rice, vegetables, fish, seaweed and other raw materials is absolutely fresh, they are all healthy food, but many of the popular rolls are spiced with too much cheese and a variety of sauces. Of course, too much soy sauce will be used of eating sushi at the same time, and the soy sauce is rich in salt, which have edema hidden trouble.

TIPS: once a month to visit Japanese restaurants will be the maximum limit if you cannot give up this food.

2, fruit juice

The daily dietary fiber can be added at any time, so the juice is definitely a good choice. But you may have not found that in order to ensure the taste, even Fresh Juice will also add too much sugar. Unless you do it yourself, otherwise it is difficult to guarantee the juice quality.

TIPS: if you really want to drink some fruit juice, please do it yourself.

3, salad

The vegetables, fruit and sashimi are good food resource, but the source of the heat is the tablespoon of salad sauce, shredded cheese or candied nuts. These things can make food more beautiful, and also rise the calories and fat intake.

TIPS: if you can change the salad to yogurt, there is nothing to be afraid.

The legend health food will make you fat

4, bean curd

Tofu is not the problem source, and the white bean curd is absolutely no problem. After you add much salt, soy sauce, sugar, even the egg yolk, crab, it will essential changes completely. And even the fried, which is simply a healthy diet disaster.

5, dried fruits, candied fruit

The dried fruits or candied fruit are the favorite office snacks for girls, but it is likely to be obese stealth assistant. Dried fruits calories and sugar content are 5-8 times higher than fresh fruit after dehydration and secret system. If 50 grams of fresh grapes contains 60 calories, and the raisins heat will reach 460 calories.

6, the nutty oat

Oats are many white-collar health breakfast, unfortunately most people chose containing nuts, crispy fried oat. This kind oat adds excess oil and sugar, so every 100 grams of nuts heat can reach up to 500 calories. It is difficult to consume during one busy morning.

The legend health food will make you fat

7, low sugar coffee

Low sugar coffee smooth taste basically is obtained by adding milk, but add these concentrated milk balls may make a regular cup of coffee increase very quickly 200 calories, or even more. It seems to supplement the calcium at the same time, but also obtain the considerable amount of fat.

8, vegetarian chicken roll

Although this food increase in fresh vegetables and vegetarian ham, after carefully calculate, a baked tortilla heat is more than 300 calories, and not lower than the same volume of sandwich. Rolled up crispy area absolute more than two pieces of toast, really cannot easily believe my eyes.

9, filling tea beverage

The filling tea drinks in the convenience store or supermarket are generally add sugar or honey, in order to ensure the taste, these sweeteners over added is definitely obese catalyst. A bottle of ordinary tea beverage calories also has 200 calories, which is not much better than soda.

10, rice cake

Similar rice cake snack is fat free and low in calories, but they are completely devoid of fiber and protein. The expert points out, these snacks play little role in the suppression of hunger, but the over limit sugar and salt will get more calories.

The legend health food will make you fat

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