The knowledge that you do not know about yogurt

Milk and yogurt, which do you prefer?

Believe that there are a lot of friends like yogurt very much. Many friends love to drink yogurt, but may do not necessarily have a profound understanding of yogurt. There are so many varieties of yoghurt in the super market that we always be dazzling which yogurt products to buy. How to choose suitable for their own consumption of yogurt is also a science.

In addition, when eating yogurt should pay attention to the diet of collocation, otherwise it will be greatly reduced to the pursuit of healthy. Below, you can learn the correct selection of yogurt tips.

The knowledge that you do not know about yogurt

Yogurt, lactic acid drink, it is difficult to distinguish each other

In essence, the yogurt belongs to the category of milk. It is made from high quality fresh milk through the fermentation of lactic acid bacteria. Lactic acid bacteria can be broken down on our body beneficial substances, with the promotion of intestinal peristalsis, regulate gastrointestinal function.

Lactic acid drink, essence is just a drink. It is made from milk with water, sugar, flavor components, and the nutrients varies widely compared with yogurt, containing only lactic acid, not like yogurt as play the effect of lactic acid bacteria, and even can be said to lactic acid drink was not even a milk.

The more thick yogurt, the more quality?

Many friends believe that the thicker the yogurt, the more enriched the nutrient. But this is not absolute right point. If especially sticky, it is likely to add some eatable glue, such as the gel of the thickener. In the purchase of yogurt, you can pay attention to the yogurt is a type of fermentation or the deployment of yogurt.

The knowledge that you do not know about yogurt

Through the production of natural fermentation technology into the “fermented yogurt”, it is pure flavor. In comparison, the deployment of yogurt has not been fermented, it is produced by the way of mixing. So it is highly suggested to purchase the nature fermentation yogurt.

Yogurt at room temperature is not reliable?

Every weekend, supermarkets engage in promotional activities. Some yogurt will be placed directly under the room temperature sales. Placed in the yogurt at room temperature, it is best to feel the about the temperature of yogurt by hands before buying, if you do not feel the coolness of yogurt, so do not buy it, because then the yogurt lactic acid bacteria activity may be reduced.

The closer the delivery date of the yogurt, the better?

Buy yogurt, you should pay more attention on the delivery date. Although yogurt in cold storage cabinets, after a long time will not degenerate, but lactic acid bacteria will die, the health effects of yogurt will be greatly reduced.

Yogurt not only taste fragrant and smooth, but also a beneficial to human health. As long as you follow the above tips, you will get more health for your daily life.

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