The hits for men how to wash their penis area

Spencer-Scott-Background-If you are not always clean your penis area clearly, there will exist much dirt. Especially for the foreskin phimosis patients, the clean work should be the routine issue for every day to prevent suffering from other problems. Do you think you get the point of how to wash your private place in a good and safe way? Maybe you are not, so please carefully read through below contents to get the important hints.

1, warm water is the best choice

In good health condition, wash with warm water, and then gently rub. Wash it thoroughly to wrapping up, wrapping dirty completely clean. In addition, pay attention to water temperature which should not be too hot, otherwise it may hurt your penis.

2, less use of chemicals

Whether it is soap, shower gel or special care solution, they are all not recommend to use. Because the skin of the glans is particularly delicate, sensitive to chemical substances, so it is likely to be allergic.

3, each part separately to wash

When the weather is cold, you cannot take a bath every day, but it is also highly recommended to wash your penis area every day.

For example, your face, buttocks, legs and perineum can treat separately. Each parts with different water and wash separately. After all, each part of the bacteria are not the same, with a bucket of water, with a towel to wash the different parts of the cross infection is very likely caused by bacteria that cause various diseases.

4, remember to dry after wash

If you not dry your penis area after washing, and directly put on clothes, the wet environment is the most favorite for the microorganisms!

Some men with phimosis foreskin, if you do not often wash, genitals might be itching, this is a great impact on health, and pay attention to the water temperature in the washing time is also very important.

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