The health products of bitter gourd

1, to promote the diet desire

Balsam pear glucoside and bitterness in the balsam pear can increase appetite. And the contained alkaloids compounds is good for quinine, diuresis and promoting blood circulation, anti-inflammatory and antipyretic.

2 anti-cancer

Balsam pear protein components and many vitamin C can advance the body’s immune function and the immune cells can kill cancer cells; balsam pear juice rich in protein composition, which can enhance macrophage ability, which is useful in clinical lymph sarcoma and leukemia. Trypsin inhibitor extracted from the seeds of bitter melon can restrain cancer cell to the excretion of protease, obstructing malignant tumor growth.

The health products of bitter gourd

Contained in bitter gourd bitter elements can restrain tumor excretion of protein and the cancer cell growth and dispersion control. The related test found that bitter gourd can make the person’s tongue, throat, mouth floor, carcinoma of the nasopharynx cell growth was restrained.

The anticancer mechanism of protein and bitter gourd bitter gourd is that they can activate the protective function of the body’s immune system, enhance the activity of immune cells, restrain cell proliferation or kill it. Japanese scientists believe that the bitter protein can advance the body’s immune function, can promote immune cells to eliminate cancer cells.

3 decreased blood glucose

Bitter gourd fresh juice is rich in bitter gourd glycosides and similar insulin substances, which has a good hypoglycemic effect, is the ideal food for diabetic patients.

Above introduced the role of bitter gourd, so we should try to use their strengths. When spring comes the temperature change a lot, the climate is dry and windy, so we should eat bitter gourd, it has a cool gentle role.

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