The harm of the pearl milk tea to the human body

How to distinguish the difference of the pearl milk tea and real milk? The milk in the pearl milk tea with little nutritional value, but the taste is much better than the real milk and milk powder. This can be said to be one of the results of the modern oil industry, but also one of the reasons for the attraction of milk tea.

The media disclosed that the milk is made of more poor raw materials

So, compared with the real milk, what is the difference in nutrition of the milk in the pearl milk tea? It is the lack of calcium, vitamin B and vitamin A, D, and protein content is very low. The useful nutrients in real milk, it’s basically no at all. Instead, it contains a lot of sugar, saturated fat and trans-fatty acids.

The harm of the pearl milk tea to the human body

Trans fatty acids can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, and for the elderly, it is not conducive to the metabolism of glucose and lipid metabolism.

What is the impact to the flavor and color in the pearl milk tea to the human body? If the tea flavor and pigment is added in accordance with national standards for food additives, and it is not big matter, and basic does not have harm. But if it add too much, or if you drink a lot, it is not good, especially children.

Excessive drinking milk tea may have a negative impact on children’s intellectual development and behavioral health.

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