The great medicinal efficacy of soybean

How to buy good quality soybean?

Which type is better? The three beans one or the two beans one?

Two pods of bean grain high seed rate. Vegetable soybean seed rate is generally 45% ~ 48%, and the maximum can up to 58%.

The fresh soybean has very high nutritional value, which almost contains the human body daily need of protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamins, minerals and other soybean. Usually eat beans can intake balanced nutrition.

The great medicinal efficacy of soybean

The following list the medicinal efficacy of soybean:

1). Plant soybean protein is composed by 8 amino acids, which is good quality source of protein, so it has lowering cholesterol function.

2). The soybean is rich in oil, which is not saturated fatty acid, so it not only does not contain cholesterol, but also can remove the accumulation of cholesterol in the blood vessel wall to prevent many diseases in the elderly.

3). The plant soybean contains natural lecithin, which can maintain cell young, melting of cholesterol in the vessel wall, and can also make the brain and nervous system activation so to prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Furthermore, it can stimulate the brain to improve learning and thinking skills.

The great medicinal efficacy of soybean

4). The soybean contains some saponin, which can inhibit the synthesis and absorption of fat, and even can promote the decomposition of fat, not only can prevent liver dysfunction disease, but also help to keep slim, preventing excessive obesity.

5). Soybean also contains some comprehensive effectiveness protein inhibitor, phytic acid, plant sterols, saponin, heterogeneous components, which can enhance the immune system and can effectively prevent or reduce the risk of cancer.

6). Soybean can also accelerate gastrointestinal peristalsis to prevent the accumulation of fat and minerals in the arteries, reduce the content of triglyceride high blood, relieve the symptoms of the disease in patients with osteoporosis in human body, delaying cell aging, keep skin elasticity and ruddy.

The great medicinal efficacy of soybean

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