The four private problem distressed woman most

The woman is very fragile, who are susceptible to diseases, especially some gynecological diseases. Female genitals health is getting more and more attention, and the following four most women troubled private problems should get your attention.

The four private problem distressed woman most

1, the vulva pruritus

Private parts pruritus will probably is one of the most difficult problems for women. The most common is the vulva pruritus, which will let you hotch. Sometimes suffering with critical itches, always want to scratch by hands, but also consider the public problem. So you will always make some indecent action to solve the unbearable itch problem, which will brings a lot of inconvenience to the work and life.

2, vaginal dryness, relaxation

For women, vaginal dryness and relaxation will lead the sexual life unhappy. It is reported taht 90% postpartum women and 80% of married women will appear different degree vaginal relaxation symptoms. Vaginal relaxation will not only bring anguish for women, but it also become heart pain.

The four private problem distressed woman most

3, leucorrhoea is overmuch and too wet

Leucorrhea is a private health performance signal for women. But increased leucorrhea will make women feel very uncomfortable. Excessive leucorrhea will make women feel too moisture and feel uncomfortable. Using the pad will not work and the spot on the panties cause psychological barriers greatly, decreasing self-confidence.

4, Private area pain

Private area pain will let the female life to lost color. When the lower abdomen pain severe, you can’t even do the normal work and study. Abdominal pain, leucorrhea increased, have a fever, sometimes feel nausea, malaise, all these are the typical symptoms of pelvic inflammatory disease.

The four private problem distressed woman most

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