The four most situation hurt a man’s sperm quality

1, High temperature damage sperm

The sperm tube which is seminiferous producing sperm is very sensitive to temperature changes. Generally speaking, this part temperature is appropriated lower about 2 to3 degree than the body temperature. If the temperature is too high, it will inhibit the sperm survival and maturation, resulting in reduced capacity or number of sperm. So it is better to stand up for some movement after long time sitting, which can reduce the temperature. In addition, many men like bubble bath, spa, which will cause spermary temperature rise of more than 37 DEG C, and such high temperature will inhibit sperm generation.

The four most situation hurt a man's sperm quality

2, Tobacco and alcohol damage sperm

The study found that the semen sperm concentration is about 25000000 / ml for smokers or drinker, which is much lower than the ordinary level which is 63000000 / ml, at the same time the sperm activity also decreased significantly. Alcohol will acts directly on the gonad to reduce testosterone production speed, so the estrogen will increased, not only cause impotence, but also affect sperm production. To prevent oligospermia, men usually must refrain from smoking and drinking.

The four most situation hurt a man's sperm quality

3, Radiation damage sperm

Many young people most lack of sleep, which will cause endocrine disorders as well as lead to many diseases, but also affect sperm motility. If you spend a lot of time on the Internet, or work along with the computer all the day, radiation on the testicular is great a harm source.

4, Fat loss sperm

Obese men will not only affect the testis and genital development, but also cause the body to generate corresponding increased female hormones, which will sperm generation and affect sperm quality. So obese men usually should do more exercise to control weight in the normal range.

The four most situation hurt a man's sperm quality

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