The four major symptoms indicators of ED

The four major symptoms indicators of ED ED is shorter for erection dysfunction, which refers to a man to continue or repeatedly no penis erection or maintain erection to complete sexual intercourse, and is manifested as a tendency to maintain only a short erection or complete no erection. Experts point out that ED is a common sexual health problem for men over the age of 40. It is estimated that more than half of men over the age of 40 suffer from varying degrees of ED, and 152 million of men worldwide suffer from ED.

Usually, if the body has the following four symptoms, you should pay attention to whether or not you have ED or potential risk:

Sexual desire disorder: includes non-sexual desire, low sexual desire, sexual aversion, etc.;

The penis erects dysfunction: include impotent, the penis erects not hard enough, the penis erects abnormally;

Sexual dysfunction: including sexual intercourse fainting, sexual intercourse aphasia, sexual intercourse hysteria, sexual intercourse phobia, etc.;

Ejaculatory disorder: including premature ejaculation, no ejaculate, spermatorrhea, delayed ejaculation and retrograde ejaculation, ejaculation pain, blood ejaculation etc..

These four symptoms may appear individually, and there may be several symptoms at the same time, most of which are erectile dysfunction and ejaculatory dysfunction.

ED problem is the worse news for a man even you are rich enough. David Lisman, an American sociologist, said: "in a world that is increasingly gloomy in market reporting, tax planning and behavior analysis, the rebels have discovered that sex is the only thing that has life."."

For a modern man, he will feel very depressed because of the unprecedented strengthening of all kinds of social control. Based on such a premise, sex almost became the only thing that can make a modern man completely release their primitive vitality, so if he cannot enjoy sex because ED, he will lose a lot of meaningful things.

If the erection is not hard enough

The four major symptoms indicators of ED Asked what it would be like for a pretty girl to make love when wearing a condoms, she said, that it would depend on the size and hardness of the body in the condom. Male friends always jokingly said: "big penis has momentum, and the small penis has temperament, and when it cannot erect, it is nothing." Although the erection is not omnipotent, but when it cannot erect, it is absolutely meaningless. Because in this world, the most two things which bully the weak and fear the strong, one is the politician, and the other is a woman’s vagina.

If one day I cannot erect, after I shed the last drop of humiliating tears, do I will go to jump off a building? Of course not. I will go to see a doctor. Because I know that even with ED, it is not the end of the world, as medical experts point out, ED can be roughly divided into three types, including congenital ED, functional ED and temperament ED.

Among them, except the congenital ED is difficult to cure, the rest has the hope of recovery after the standard and professional system treatment. More than 80% patient achieves the recovery and the basic recovery after they visit the male division outpatient service. Only about 15% patients cannot be treated or treatment result are not obvious. However, the premise is to conduct scientific and standardized testing, identify the real cause of the disease, and then coordinate with the doctor for targeted treatment.

Medical experts pointed out that the men who is lack of exercise, obesity, depression, anxiety, interpersonal stress, smoking, alcohol abuse, excessive fatigue, pressure is too large, hyperthyroidism, diabetes and other diseases, who is the higher potential group of ED problem.

In addition, health experts point out that the thicker a man’s waistline, the shorter the life expectancy and the weaker his sexual ability. So it is necessary to control your weight and keep exercising, especially exercise your abs, which will definitely increase your sexual performance. As long as you’re physically fit and developed abdominal muscle, you can even do as long as you like, shoot at when you want to shoot.

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