The forbidden food after 7 O’clock PA

Dark chocolate: dark chocolate is healthy snacks, which is rich in magnesium and antioxidant flavanone alcohol, the cardiovascular benefits has been medical certificate, but dark chocolate contain caffeine, at night to eat the brain stimulation, affect sleep.

Nuts: nuts are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, beneficial to the human body, and even help to lose weight, but the fat itself to digest slowly, eat too much at night nuts as snacks, not easy to digest. In particular, add butter, salt fried nuts, but also the accumulation of abdominal fat.

The forbidden food after 7 O’clock PA

Alcohol: drink will produce a lot of heat, if you are fitness to lose weight, drinking is harmful. The night drinking harm is to interfere with your sleep rhythm, although alcohol makes you sleepy, but it also destroyed your deep sleep, the next morning, people will become listless.

Pastry: candy to any person is temptation, there is no doubt that it is “junk food” in the evening, in addition to a large amount of sugar and saturated fat, nutritional deprivation, no value at all. A study in the Journal of psychology and the body shows that people who eat sweets “junk food” before going to bed, 7/10 people are prone to nightmares.

Spicy food: a study in the International Journal of psychology, the study found that the dinner to add pepper, mustard and other spicy spices, resulting in male subjects in the 6/10 sleep quality variation. Not only that, spicy food will stimulate the stomach, affecting digestion and absorption, easy to produce flatulence, pantothenic acid and other symptoms.

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