The food list can take are your snoring problem

A lot of people will be snoring when sleep, it not only disturbs the sleep quality, but also lead to fatigue during the day and irritability, lead to a variety of health risks. There are many factors that cause snoring, including diet. Therefore, from the diet to do some improvement, it is expected to do not sleep snoring. The United States has concluded six kinds of foods that help prevent snoring.

1 soya bean milk. For people who are snoring, soy milk is a better choice than milk. Because milk and other dairy products in the respiratory tract to form mucus, becoming one of the roots of several respiratory diseases. Excessive drinking milk will also have phlegm, causing congestion and congestion in the respiratory tract. Some people have an allergic reaction to lactose, resulting in swelling of the nasal cavity, resulting in snoring.

The food list can take are your snoring problem

2 tea. Tea helps to reduce congestion and sputum, thus reduce snoring. The release of steam boiling water from tea, can relieve the inspiratory nasal congestion. When drinking tea, the water vapor from the tea can relieve the inflammation of the nasal cavity, dilute the mucus, and improve the nasal drainage. Drink mint tea to prevent the effect of snoring is best, because the mint is a natural anti congestion agent, can relieve nasal mucosa swelling.

3 honey. Before going to bed, the honey stirring in the tea drink, help to relax the throat, reduce congestion and swelling, so as to prevent snoring. Honey has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, can help relieve congestion in the throat area congestion. A study published in the Journal of complementary and alternative medicine in 2010 showed that honey helps fight infection, relieve inflammation of the mucous membranes, and promote the patency of the throat and upper airway.

4 turmeric. The anti-inflammatory properties of Curcuma are beneficial to the prevention of inflammation, especially in the prevention and treatment of snoring. The active ingredient of turmeric (curcumin) is a powerful antioxidant, which has a small side effect and can be a safe and natural relief. Jiang Huang is sold in the market and the general counter seasoning Chinese medicine shop, can be directly boiled water to drink, and can also be used to cook congee.

5 fish. Eating more fish food can make a person have a good sleep in the night, and do not snoring. The saturated fat in the pork will stimulate the nasal cavity, because saturated fat will generate a large number of peanut four acid, which will further produce prostaglandin, and prostaglandin will cause swelling of the throat and nasal sinuses. In contrast, the consumption of protein from fish and beans does not increase the content of the prostaglandin, and fatty acids in fish can help reduce inflammation.

6 onion. Although will be bad breath after consumption of onions, but it is overcome snoring Savior; because the onion has anti-inflammatory properties, helps to clean up the nasal passage, allowing more air through the.

In reality, many men will be snoring, but most of them don’t know this is actually a disease, the disease will not only harm themselves, but also harm the health of his wife, so that she was tortured every night. Although a lot of drugs for the treatment of snoring, but many are harmful. So, the best way is through the diet conditioning, not only has the effect, and the body will not produce any side effects.

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