The food has anti dandruff and relieving itching

Beautiful hair is the necessary for a lot of girls, but a lot of people’s hair like dandruff, and is very urticant. So how to do just this situation? Today pop healthy living network will introduce several kinds of food for everyone to help you get rid of dandruff itching.

1, Kiwi

The kiwi can be considered as the king fruit, which is rich in carrots, vitamin C, amino acid, in addition to the ability of excellent resistance to aging, namely anti-radiation, oxidation and free radical, but also contains large amounts of ALA acid, which can help maintain the hair moisture, prevent dry hair, an overall improvement in the condition of the hair.

The food has anti dandruff and relieving itching

2, carambola

Carambola is called V vigor elves, the tender and juicy fruit contains the highest sugar among all fruits, containing sucrose, fructose and glucose containing both malic acid, citric acid, oxalic acid and vitamin B, vitamin C, trace amounts of fat, protein and other nutrients, to help the body digest, nourish and care, to the hair with moisture and enhance the elasticity of the role, so that the hair back to the natural beauty of the state.

3, citrus

Citrus is also called Mandarin, which contains a lot of vitamin C, and the citrus essential oils in the extraction from citrus peel can enhance human immunity, calm the nerves, eliminate anxiety and mental pressure, and has strong anti-aging effect. Citrus essential oil applied to the hair, can play a cool and refreshing, remove dandruff effect.

4, peach

Peach contains nutrients, including protein, fat, sugar, calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamin B and C, with deep moisturizing and firming the skin, make skin moist and elastic and can promote the skin resistance, also peach also give hair a high degree of moisture and moisture, increase hair strength and softness.

The food has anti dandruff and relieving itching

5, apple

Apple contains a lot of nutrients required for the skin and hair, in which the apple acid can prevent skin and hair dry and vitamin C on the skin has a whitening effect, pectin is able to maintain skin and hair of moisture. Furthermore the Apple nutrients can also inhibit dandruff growth, calm itching scalp and function.

6, fig

Figs can be said to be God to protect our body, with high medicinal value, which can commanded the harmful substances in the intestinal tract, appetizers help digestion, reducing inflammation, and anticancer. And figs contain potassium, calcium, iron and other minerals can strengthen the hair dry hair, keep the moisture in the hair.

7, papaya

Papaya is known as great melon, and the papaya enzyme contained similar to human growth hormone, which can maintain body youth, and the rich contained vitamin C, iron, potassium, calcium, carrot element, lutein satisfying for the hair to provide a variety of nutrition, to remove the old waste protein accumulation, deep clean and nourish hair.

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